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Thermal Imaging

Transvibrom offers thermography services carried out by qualified personnel with
Level 2 or Level 1 certification.

With increasing demand to cut costs and remain competitive, many companies are expanding their
maintenance programs to include predictive and proactive technologies such as infrared thermography.
Recent years have seen an increase in the acceptance and use of infrared thermography for preventative
and predictive maintenance. While early applications were confined primarily to electrical and structural
situations, today’s industrial environment has resulted in Transvibrom constantly finding new and diverse
applications for thermal imaging.

Detailed full colour reports detailing IR and visual images, fault severity, fault description and
recommendations are issued for every survey. These reports are utilised by maintenance personnel
to action identified problems and by insurance companies for compliance audits.

Infrared scans identifies problems not seen by the human eye.
Infrared scans are the fastest way to identify heat generating faults in your facility.
Common uses for this technology include identification of problems in:

• Electrical assets such as switchboards, cables and motors
• Rotating component failures in gearbox assemblies and conveyors
• Furnace and heat plant inefficiencies due to failing refractory / insulation
• Production problems such as blockages and incorrect levels.

Reports are delivered promptly so identified problems can be actioned prior to costly failures.
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