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Quality & Safety

Committed to a Safe Workplace

And continually improving our Health & Safety Management
Transvibrom Sdn. Bhd. is committed to quality management and safety to ensure the well being, health and safety of our personnel and valued clients. We also believe that impeccable safety is a good indicator of the quality of a business as well as the attitude of its staff. As such, Work, Health, Safety and Environment (WHSE) practices are always considered in our decision-making process, business practices and daily activities.

Transvibrom Sdn. Bhd. management is accountable for the implementation and review of this policy and its commitments. We make safety a core condition of employment and unsafe behaviours are not tolerated.

Safety First to Last, No Compromise – Our Safety Values
These values are core to Transvibrom Sdn. Bhd.; they are not negotiable and underpin our daily work life. Everyone at Transvibrom Sdn. Bhd. is committed to adhering to these values for not only themselves and colleagues, but also to any other sub-contractor, we may use or anyone that comes onto one of our worksites.

Our employees are trained through years of apprenticeships, annual refresher OSHA training, safety certifications and skill upgrade training.