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Transvibrom Sdn. Bhd is a leading provider of vibration analysis services, in-house & on-site dynamic balancing, laser system alignment and general industrial machinery repair rectification works, etc.

Specialising in electrical and mechanical testing and having forged an enviable reputation built on quality service and long standing relationships with our customers.

What We do

Transvibrom Sdn. Bhd. is a provider of condition analysis services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to industry. We pride ourselves on customer for reliable plant and equipment which maximises profits and minimises downtime for clients.
Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced across a wide range of industries from mining, utilities, infrastructures, processing, military and transport.

The condition analysis technologies and services that we offer include: Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing, Thermal Imaging, Oil Analysis, Laser Alignment, Machinery Testing and Customer Support.

Like to know more about our non-destructive testing and condition analysis services and how we can help you?
Call us on 603 – 5166 4431 or info@transvibrom.com

Vibration Analysis & Monitoring Services

Vibration Analysis and Machinery Monitoring is a proven method of determining the reliability of a machine.

By collecting vibration and other data on a machine, Transvibrom is able to assess the condition of that machine and make a determination as to the appropriate steps to take to increase its reliability. Vibration Analysis - We have highly qualified technicians that can come to your site to diagnose vibration problems on your equipment.

A developing fault in a machine cause excess vibration and by monitoring the vibration of a machine during its lifetime, developing faults are detected before the deteriorating parts fail. Predictive Maintenance (PM) is a carefully planned system of machinery analysis and diagnostics. PM provides machinery "health condition: information, which prompts timely, corrective action. Transvibrom also provides regularly scheduled vibration monitoring of rotating machinery to establish trends and identify trouble spots. It also includes prompt interpretation, analysis, and reporting of specific findings and recommendations.

Company Information
Company Name Transvibrom Sdn. Bhd.
Registration Number 1137579-T
Date of Incorporation The company was incorporated on 3rd April 2015
Commercial Office & Factory No 31, Jalan Teluk Batu 36/2, Batu 4 1/2, Off Jalan Kebun,
Kg Jawa, Sek 36, 40470 Shah Alam, Selangor DE, Malaysia.
Telephone 603-5161 3011 (Hunting)
Facsimile 603-5161 3098
Email info@transvibrom.com | tvmsghv@gmail.com
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No 31, Jalan Teluk Batu 36/2,
Batu 4 1/2, Off Jalan Kebun,
Kg Jawa, Sek 36,
40470 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-5161 3011 (Hunting),
Fax: 603-5161 3098

Email : info@transvibrom.com
GPS Coordinates:
3°2'37.615" N 101°32'48.609" E

Latitude: 3.043782
Longtitude: 101.546836

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